Membership Types

New Member / Provisional

New Junior League members work alongside other JLR members receiving hands-on training, learning about how the League operates and the history of JLR, all while developing life-long friendships.  New members function similar to Active members.  Membership status changes to Active at the start of the next League year.

Active Member

After completing one League year, new members attain Active status and the right to vote on League business.  Active members choose how they can lead and volunteer on our multiple committees and events, or can function as a flexible Member-At-Large.  Active members are required to attend all monthly General Membership Meetings (GMMs).

Sustaining Member

Women who have completed a minimum of five years of Active membership, in good standing, can become a Sustaining member of the Junior League.  Sustaining members are invited to all committee meetings, GMMs, and events, but participation is optional.